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6 Tips to Worry Less


· Motivation Monday
A photo of hot air balloons in the sky as featured in the blog post "6 Tips to Worry Less" from The Purple Dog Vegan

Worrying is like experiencing the feeling of adverse failure in advance. The impact is compounded when failure isn't even guaranteed but we make it feel real.

We all worry from time to time. It's natural as we are human beings. Stopping worry before it explodes into panic or depression is vital to our well-being.

Here are 6 tips that will help you worry less.

1) Realize that worrying isn't truly helping

We like to think that we're doing ourselves a favor by thinking about all of the bad things that can happen but in reality we're just robbing ourselves of the present moment. Worrying often causes more harm than any possible good and it will likely just raise stress levels without being helpful.

2) Start recognizing your worrying patterns

Is there something, someone, some topic, or some place that triggers your worry? Identifying what causes problems is the first step. Once you know what is bugging you then you can give yourself permission to stop worrying and work on the process of stopping.

3) Practice mindfulness

Being present can help you realize that whatever you are worrying about hasn't happened. This will allow you to pivot into direct action to address the situation instead of just focusing on an outcome which might not even come to pass.

4) Set a time limit on worrying

Giving yourself a set amount of time to do all of your worrying can help break the pattern. For example, set a timer for 5 minutes and tell yourself you're going to get it out of your system so you can then move on to working on working positively toward your goal.

5) Keep reminding yourself the future has not happened

There's nothing wrong with positive reinforcement. Write it on a sticky note if you have to to serve as a reminder.

6) Practice patience with yourself

No one is perfect. As long as you're trying and focusing on making improvement then you're moving in the right direction. Give yourself time and practice patience.

Becoming a better version of yourself takes time and effort but if you have the patience and a positive approach then you can absolutely make a wonderful impact on your life.

A woman twirling with the background of a sunset as featured in the blog post "6 Tips to Worry Less" from The Purple Dog Vegan
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