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Changing the Root of Positive vs. Negative Decision Making


· Motivation Monday
Photo of a Buddha staute envolped by tree roots- "Changing the Root of Positive vs. Negative Decision Making-" blog post from The Purple Dog Vegan

We usually describe our decisions in terms of the outcomes. If something good happened we say it was a "good decision" and vice versa. But what if we used the cause of our decision instead of the outcome?

This means we would say that a good decision is one where we decided to take action to pursue possibility. It would also mean that a bad decision would be one that we make out of fear.

An example from the business world that illustrates this is when the owner of a small company proposed a partnership with a much larger corporation back in the year 2000. The smaller organization would run the larger firm's online business and as part of the deal, the big business would promote the other company in its "brick and mortar" stores. The small business owner was laughed out of the room.

In this real-world example, the large company was Blockbuster and the small company was Netflix. We all know how the next part of the story played out.

Blockbuster operated out of fear of deviating from its business model and Netflix acted out of opportunity and attempting to reach goals.

When we make positive decision making in regard to what's prompting us to decide, it puts us in control of deciding to act and how we want to proceed. Negative decision making puts the control in someone or something else's hands and we are just responding to the situation as we see it.

Positive decisions are based on what could be whereas negative decisions are often based on history.

Positive decisions usually have a wide variety of outcomes and possibilities but negative ones usually only focus on avoiding something.

How would our lives change if we started making more positive decisions and fewer negative ones?

Photo of up and down arrows of an elevator sign- "Changing the Root of Positive vs. Negative Decision Making-" blog post from The Purple Dog Vegan
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