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How a Dictionary can be Exercise Equipment

An idea for a quick workout

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A photo of a page in the dictionary focusing on the word "focus" as featured in The Purple Dog Blog by The Purple Dog Vegan

This is a game you can play when you're in the mood for a quick round of exercise. Grab a dictionary or use an online one to choose a word at random and do the exercises below for each letter in the word.

A: 20 Push-Ups
B: 15 Squats
C: 20 Lunges
D: 25 Arm Circles
E: 15 Triceps Dips
F: 30 Second Plank
G: 15 Jump Squats
H: 40 Jumping Jacks
I: 1 Minute Plank
J: 30 Calf Raises
K: 2 Minute Wall Squat
L: 15 Crunches
M: 30 Second Plank
N: 20 Lunges
O: 40 Jumping Jacks
P: 1 Minute High Knees
Q: 20 Mountain Climbers
R: 15 Crunches
S: 20 Push-Ups
T: 10 Burpees
U: 1 Minute High Knees
V: 30 Calf Raises
W: 20 Mountain Climbers
X: 10 Burpees
Y: 20 Body Squats
Z: 15 Triceps Dips

Just hope that you don't randomly pick the reported longest word in a major English dictionary, "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis," a word that refers to an ailment caused by the inhalation of very fine particles, specifically from a volcano. ;)

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