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Life, the Universe, and Everything


· Motivation Monday
A photo of the night sky taken from inside of a canyon with curving walls- from The Purple Dog Vegan's blog post "Life, the Universe, and Everything"

Today's blog post covers the super simple topic of the meaning of life. I have my own philosophy and I'd love to share it with you.

Be sure to read the second half of this because the first part is incredibly bleak and somewhat depressing but I certainly make up for it at the end by taking things in the completely opposite direction.

The Earth wouldn't go anywhere if humans suddenly disappeared. It would thrive and nature would again reign supreme. If we were gone there would be no impact whatsoever to anything else in the universe and our own planet wouldn't even miss us.

We don't even make the smallest of microscopic dents in the universe.

We are inconsequential on the cosmic scale.

Sounds like a big downer, right? If existence has no overriding meaning then what are we to do with our lives?

Well I'll tell you why it's time to party. All the pressure is off!

We aren't responsible for saving the the universe like superheroes from Marvel's Avengers or DC's Justice League. We don't have some privileged position in the cosmos we have to defend from intergalactic villains. Without this weight, responsibility, and dictated meaning we are completely and utterly free to come up with our own meaning.

Embrace it and roll with it.

I think Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" is the most succinct, moving, and accurate description of the human condition. Simply put, I think it's by far the most beautiful thing I've ever read. His words emphasize that Earth is the only home we have ever known and that we should not only cherish it, but that our cosmic insignificance underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another.

My take: Don't be a dick, be kind, and do something fulfilling and helpful to others.

We may be totally meaningless in the universe but we can mean everything to each other. So go out there and make a positive impact because you want to and so that you can help others.

Enjoy the ride. Existence may be meaningless, but you can always make meaning out of your existence.

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