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Support, Mr Beast, and the Arbor Day Foundation

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Jimmy Donaldson, more commonly known by his YouTube channel name of Mr. Beast, has become famous for doing random acts of kindness and helping people. He recently reached 20 million subscribers. He asked his fans what he should do to celebrate and they asked him to plant 20 million trees, and he accepted the challenge very enthusiastically.

Planting 20 million trees is a huge task for one person so he partnered with The Arbor Day Foundation and their experts will plant one tree for every dollar that is donated before the end of the year. Native trees will be planted around the globe on every continent except Antarctica.

At the time of recording the video below, the amount is over 14 million trees so there’s still a way to go before the end of the year but it can definitely be done.

Hey, if my Alma Mater, Florida State University can raise 20 million to buy out our head coach’s contract because we can’t seem to win a game lately, we can surely reach 20 million to help the planet win, right?

Find out more about the 20 million tree project through the links below (including Mr. Beast’s video about the whole thing) and visit to help out.

* Mr Beast video - "Planting 20,000,000 Trees, My Biggest Project Ever!" 

* TeamTrees website where you can donate - 

* Mr Beast YouTube Channel - 

* Article about the 20 million trees project -

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