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Three Things to do if You Start Losing Faith in Yourself


· Motivation Monday
Photo of a U-turn sign in the blog post "Three Things to do if You Start to Lose Faith in Yourself" by The Purple Dog Vegan

It's human nature to lose faith in yourself sometimes. Getting yourself back on track is essential to reaching your goals and making progress. The more tools that you have to make a U-turn the better. Here are three ways to get back to a positive path.

Learn to Love Making Mistakes

This may seem counterintuitive at first but it's important to recognize that if we aren't making mistakes and if we aren't getting out of our comfort zones then we aren't growing or learning. Failure just means that you didn't achieve what you wanted to on that particular attempt but you can learn from that experience. Take a look at what happened and see if there are ways to change your process.

If you gain a lot of useful knowledge and experience then a "failure" can be more beneficial than achieving the success you were originally aiming for.

Know that You're Not Inferior

There are going to be some people who are better at some particular thing than you are. That does not mean you are inferior as a person, it just means that at that point in time they seem to have more current ability at that skill.

Comparison can be useful in some specific situations but comparing lives and situations can be a recipe for disaster. Someone may be at a completely different stage than you in the process so it would be unfair to you to compare yourself to them.

You are an individual and you deserve the same rights as anyone else. Don't short yourself by making comparisons.

Don't Overanalyze

This can be easier said than done. The trick is to catch yourself when you start getting too deep into your own thought process.

It's healthy to analyze and learn from your experiences but problems arise when we start making too many assumptions and make wild guesses about why things happened a particular way. Sometimes this leads to thinking everything is going to end catastrophically.

Break the pattern and realize when you're overanalyzing. Take a look at what is positive and appreciate the opportunity you have to learn and grow.

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