• What is Purple Dog?

  • The Purple Dog Story

    Worldwide bestselling author, renowned public speaker, and entrepreneur Seth Godin writes in one of his books, "Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable," about a vacation he took with his family in France. When they first started their drive through the countryside the group saw a majestic cow in a picturesque field. They saw another shortly after that, followed by more and more. By the time they had covered quite a few kilometers, seeing cows wasn't just commonplace, it was boring.
    But what if they had seen a purple cow out in the field with all the others? Now THAT would be interesting. THAT would be something they would stop for and take pictures to show their friends and share on social media.
    This means you have to toss out everything you know and do something "remarkable" (the way a purple cow in a field of plain white cows would be remarkable) to have any effect at all. Therefore it is solid and timely advice to 1) be outrageous, 2) tell the truth, 3) test the limits and 4) never settle for just "very good."
    I have a long history with rescue dogs, so "Purple Dog" became the brand I created to bring you bold critical thinking for the 21st century.

  • Purple Dog Animal Sanctuary

    Purple Dog Animal Sanctuary is the 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity I founded in 2014.


    It has 3 areas of focus:

    • Providing shelter for animals (especially abandoned older dogs) 
    • Promoting sustainability
    • Using ecologically-sound methods including renewable energy
    Find out more at
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